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About Adrianne and Ponnopozz

As a child, I was fearless and imaginative, but a decade of the corporate grind took most of that energy away. During my career as a graphic designer, my goal was to always please the client, to excel up the ladder, to get promoted, to get my dream job. Eventually, creating for others took a toll on my creative spirit and I lost my way.

Me, age 6 or so, picking cherries (and this amazing outfit)

Ponnopozz is my creative resurgence. Named after two imaginary friends I once had (Ponno and Pozzer), Ponnopozz is my place to be wild, bold and adventurous. Color is my obsession and you'll see so in my work – I use bright, beautiful colors in interesting combinations, typically painting abstract patterns, houseplants or desert foliage. I also adore fashion and love mixing prints and trying interesting things with my wardrobe. Lastly, mental health is extremely important to me and I write about anxiety/feelings/depression fairly often. I feel that talking about tough subjects (like mental health) may help remove the negative stigma that such topics have.

My hope is that my work and words inspire you. Thank you for giving me a place to be myself.



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