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About Adrianne and Ponnopozz

Ponnopozz is the studio of Chicago-based artist Adrianne Hawthorne. Adrianne comes from a graphic design background but prefers the act of making art with her own hands. She initially felt uneasy putting so much of herself out into the world, but has since felt a satisfaction that she never found in corporate America. Ponnopozz is named after two imaginary friends, Ponno and Pozzer, that the artist had as a child. The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity of childhood that she continues to nurture through the act of painting and drawing.

Adrianne describes her style as "colorful maximalist" and is always seeking unconventional ways to showcase her work (ie: hosting an art show in an empty apartment and a Penske moving truck!) Recently, she took a risk and opened a brick and mortar studio + store in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. In addition to art prints, Adrianne also dabbles in fashion by way of clothing collaborations with local Chicago fashionistas. She aspires to have her own line soon.

Adrianne hopes her playful approach to art and life will inspire you and make you happy. Thanks for being here.

Portraits and video by Amy Lynn Photography

Me, age 6