Progress on the New Place

Jan 30 2019

The main living area

Hey guys! We've lived in our "new" place since mid-August and I realize that I haven't shared ANY decor updates with you. That's changing today as I'm going out on a limb and sharing progress photos. This is unheard of for a perfectionist but I figured, what the hell? It's accurate and shows that a nicely designed interior doesn't just happen overnight, especially a case like this where I moved from a small vintage studio to an ultra-modern 2 bedroom (with my partner and all his stuff!)

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed the painted pink wall. I almost avoided painting altogether because I dreaded the thought of painting everything back. But, the joy I get on a daily basis is worth a day of painting walls back to white. Plus, this extra modern place needed some color to jazz it up. Seth was down for whatever and I just could not get this pattern out of my head when I looked at the wall. So one weekend day, we painted. Seth did the pink background (color is Bay Coral by Glidden) and then I freehanded the teal dashes (teal is Bright Teal Surprise by Glidden). I love what it does for the room ~ it essentially gives me the freedom to do whatever I want with color and I'm pretty pleased about that!

Chaise lounge in east facing windows

The living room has the most progress. The next few pictures show rooms that need work – mainly art on the walls or better organization.

Case in point: our shared office + Ponnopozz art studio. I love the layout, with the two desks in the center of the room instead of along a wall. But, my craft show supplies and art canvases have taken over, leaving little room for the eye to rest. Luckily, today we re-arranged our closet in this room, which hopefully will give me some extra storage for these eyesores.

The large painting on display is not staying – as a matter of fact, it will be shown in my upcoming solo show on March 8 called Wild World! Space is of the essence, and the tops of those shelves aren't styled so the painting, (titled "Maude") will "live' there for now.

Office and art studio

The kitchen is (overall) a complete mess. Seth and I both have large art collections and the size alone scares me enough to avoid hanging anything. The pile of frames on the floor is getting old, though, so that will need to happen here soon.

Kitchen, currently. Coffee and all.


The bedroom is coming along! Seth and I picked up some "bedside tables" (aka IKEA Bekvam step stools) and that's really helped organize things. A few weeks ago, we decided to add some color and Seth painted the main wall a bright, cheery yellow (Yucatan Yellow by Clark + Kensington) and DAMN I love it. Yellow has always been a top color of mine. Coupled with the teal dresser, it's becoming a pretty bold room.

Master bath

Next up is the adjoining master bath. It still feels cold to me. Ideally I'd paint an accent wall (teal) to jazz it up but I think I might be able to get away with adding art and colorful glass accessories.

Guest bathroom

The guest bathroom, on the other hand, is one of my favorite rooms. It's small, which makes it easier to decorate AND it has a funky wall of it's own! We used the same Bright Teal Surprise from the living room to paint a nice base coat, then I went over and freehand painted some circles over it (color is most likely Swan Beak by Valspar but I can't be sure because I lost the swatch). Colorful art from Mexico City adds even more flair. I also enjoy the copper pop from the cake pan...adding weird shit to gallery walls is my favorite!

I realized just now that I don't have a good picture of the dining table + vintage swag lamp. I'll be sure to include it in an update post because the only pictures I have of it are from my Halloween bash (lol). The place is by no means Apartment Therapy ready but it's on the way and decorating it has brought out another side of me that I've never dared to try in home decor. I can't take all the credit, Justina Blakeney's two books on bohemian decorating have certainly helped.

Stay tuned for updates on this apartment! x0x0

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