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Ponnopozz Studio and Store

Nov 12 2019

Attn friends! I've opened a real studio and store! By now, you've gotten to know me so you know that I like to do many things at once (this website is a fine example of that). Over the past year, I've grown my painting hobby into a real business and I needed more space to create. Another dream of mine has been to curate a boutique. I got to thinking and thought – why not do both in the same space?

All photos in this post were taken by the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Straub!

Want to visit the store? Follow me on Instagram (@ponnopozz) to see my planned schedule for the week, which I will share in stories. Want to set up a time to come by? Just email me or send me a DM.

Nooworks! My favorite brand!

With the man who makes all my dreams come true :)

Mom and I

My Peanuts collaboration with Lilla Barn is available at the shop!

The bartender!

My good friend Sara taking the place in

Nail art by Legs (@lady.legs)

A plant gift from my favorites, Ozzy and Juan at Plant Shop Chicago (4601 N. Elston, Chicago)

Emily, from Orange Beautiful / Show of Hands is a super huge inspiration to me!

Mom, me and Granny