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Look: Afternoon in West Hollywood

Jan 11 2018

I love coming down to LA to see my friends Ben, Victoria and Matt - so much so that I come down at least 2x per year. Since I have some free time this month, I decided to book a visit out west with LA as my first stop.

Victoria is an amazing photographer so naturally, I asked her to snap a few pics of me with my bangin' new velvet pants. She did and of course the pictures are above and beyond anything I could do. She's got an incredible eye and a talent for directing nervous models like myself.

Not to mention, LA is full of cool places to shoot, if even you don't plan to photograph that day. For instance, look at this cool, tile-patterned wall outside the La Peer Hotel...we just happened to park in front of it so hence, the scenery was decided.

I always feel so inspired when I come to LA. The weather, the lush plants and palm trees, the weirdos walking down the street that make me feel right at's nice to be in a place where you can be yourself fashion-wise without holding back. I even had a guy ask me if I was an actress, which I guess is a compliment or something. It never happens in Chicago or SF, so I'll take it!

Shortly after our mini-shoot, I went to the LA Art Show with Ben and left feeling totally inspired. The show is contemporary and modern art, which is my fave. The pieces were colorful, bold, provocative, daring - everything I needed to see and feel to jump start my own creativity.

It's interesting how things happen just when you need them. I had no idea I'd be going to the art show until I got here and Ben said he had tickets. I didn't anticipate how I'd feel when I got there, but it was a strong sense of belonging, like I was with like-minded people who were encouraging me to have no fear and keep going. Which I'll do.

Location: West Hollywood + Studio City, CA

Camo jacket: Topshop

Velvet pants: Leith

Boots: Doc Martens

Backpack: BAGGU

Photos by Victoria Goretsky