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Look: Long Layers

Apr 04 2018

Yesterday, a group of us headed down to Wicker Park for Chicago's Vegan Test Kitchen, an every-other-month-or-so pop up event featuring vegan food, clothing, jewelry and body care. I had never been and was looking forward to trying some fun vegan things and stretching my Sibo diet just a little ;-)

It's still cold here in Chicago, typical early April weather. That didn't stop me from wearing one of my favorite long dresses – a super stretchy floral with long sleeves that I got in my Trunk a few years ago. Bold move considering I'm bloated from PMS and going to a food fest...this dress will display any and all of your gut. Which it did but I didn't care because this whole gut thing is a process anyway and my gut (at the very least) reminds me of the journey I'm on and how far I come because it sure has gotten smaller! Stay tuned for a Sibo update post this week.

I layered the dress with another long piece – a handmade kimono from Tuesday Shop that I picked up at SF's Renegade Craft Fair. These high low kimonos are AMAZING and I mean it. They're super light weight, flowey and can be worn open or closed. And they are handmade by an artist in Seattle so you really can't go wrong. The prints are fabulous, too.

Coats are always tricky with long layers. Short coats look kinda stupid with a long dress sticking out so I opted for this fantastic coral coat (a Crossroads find!) because its mid-length and looks good open or closed. And it matched almost perfectly!

I almost defaulted to my pink Docs since it's still cold but decided to try the whole loafers + socks look (thanks Alyssa!) I paired a fun, glittery pair of socks that I picked up in NYC with an old pair of cream colored loafers. For makeup, I went bold on the eyes with a fun eyeliner from cult drugstore brand NYX in Aqua Green.

The Vegan Pop Up was great – I had some GF mac n' cheese, a vegan tamale and a raw chocolate coconut dessert. I stretched the diet a little bit but luckily didn't get a stomachache or any additional symptoms. The next one should be in another month and I would absolutely go again.

Location: Wicker Park, Chicago

Coat: Crossroads find, brand is MilkCocoa

Dress: Nordstrom, brand is Hinge

Kimono: Tuesday Shop, handmade!

Earrings: Nightbreed Creations

Eyeliner: NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Aqua Green

Lips: Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K

Shoes: Zara

Socks: Color Block Socks by COS

Photo credit: Seth