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Look: Spring Date Night

Mar 24 2019

Ever since I tried the Capsule Wardrobe, I've somehow stopped creating Fashion posts. At first, maybe I thought my new, downsized wardrobe was no longer interesting, I donno. But it's not the case because I've got some really rad pieces in my closet, including many new finds since November 2018.

A capsule update / refresh is in progress so stay tuned for a post on that soon. Meanwhile, here is an outfit I wore out to dinner this past weekend. I'm a fan of mixing patterns when they are in similar color families. I feel it creates an interesting, unique look while still "feeling" seamless. It was also one of the first warm weekends in Chicago, hooray! I paired this look with my vegan leather moto jacket before walking out the door.

The Look!

Glasses: Theo, purchased from Eye Spy Optical in Chicago

Sweater: Custom clothing made with code by Repeat Offfender! Visit for your own (note that's 3 f's)

Pants: Women's tie-waist pants by Leith

Bag: Lena Leopard Canvas tote, purchased at Alice & Wonder Chicago (

Necklace: All Saints outlet