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Sauntering in Seattle

Jan 23 2018

After my stops in LA and SF, I finished off my Tour di West Coast with a stop in Seattle to see my very good friend, Nikole. Our vacations are my favorite kind – the lazy, casual type. We wandered around the neighborhood, stopping in weird vintage stores and drinking delicious coffee. I know, it's very Seattle-sounding right?

My favorite part was definitely the evenings. Together, we made funky art postcards out of magazine clippings (both vintage and modern), watercolor, pastels and ink. At one point, I used glue to affix cayenne pepper powder to one of the pieces. It was fun to let loose and not think about if I suck at art or not – it was something fun we did together. And, honestly, the art wasn't half bad! I actually liked most of it, which was a bit unexpected.

Anyway, Nikole is great because she's always encouraged me to be my wild, creative self. Naturally, I rocked the velvet pants again, so we did a little shoot near a pink wall that literally is the same pink that I use on my website (well, maybe a few shades lighter). Nikole found this little gem of a spot and therefore should be awarded something for "best photoshoot scenery."

A little update:

I'm finally back and catching back up with life. A ten day trip will really take a lot out of you. I'm working on bringing some balance back into my life and as a result, I started a part-time freelance gig this week. It gives me something concrete to do during the day, keeps my UX skills razor sharp, and enables me to have income while pursuing my passion. Far less guilt than quitting a job cold turkey (did I do that? hehe). Anyway, it's going well so far and it's given me a boost of mental energy that I really needed.

I'm going to be working on some creative projects for friends this week, so I'll be sure to share them either on Instagram or in a Sketchbook Weekly Wrap, which is a new series of posts I plan to do to encourage me to make more art. Every week, I'll share my sketchbook and/or the work I made that week. I'm looking forward to it, and hope you are, too! Until then...

Location: Sexy pink wall in an unnamed location. Capitol Hill, Seattle

– Camo jacket: Topshop

– Lace up leotard: Forever 21

– Earrings: Unknown, from The End in Yucca Valley, CA

– Velvet pants: Leith

– Boots: Raye the Label

Photo credit: Nikole Gramm