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Shipwrecked Chic

Aug 17 2019

How do you say "it's my birthday" without saying anything? The answer is to wear a standout outfit. For me, that was this "shipwrecked chic" (thanks Jonathan) little number that I put together for my big 3-4.

I usually wear bright, wild, funky patterns but I wanted to do something different for this. I still worked with statement silhouettes (balloon pants, breezy top, layers) – just not in my usual color palette.

While at dinner, I received an incredible necklace that took my outfit from chic to SHAZAM. It's from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Adina Mills. She makes pieces from humungous crystals and they are very hard to get, typically selling out right away. Somehow, Seth and Kim managed to snag me her Calix necklace, which totally completed my outfit (and I didn't even expect it!)

Also, these linen pants are everything. So comfortable yet so chic (and made locally!) Also great for days when you're feeling bloated! The white cotton shirt I'm wearing is from Universal Standard and I srsly love it. I didn't think I'd love something so simple but it has become a statement piece this summer. You can tie it up in the front like I did or wear it open as a duster. SO versatile. Must buy.

This outfit:

• Nailah button down from Universal Standard

• Striped linen pants from Wulfka

• White pointed block heeled mules from Bocage in Paris

• Calix necklace by Adina Mills

• Crocheted bralette by my very own cousin, Sophie Maeve!