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Tropical Jumpsuit

Aug 24 2019

Last weekend, I did one of my favorite craft shows – Tampa's Indie Flea! I like this show for many reasons. It's curated, it's in a great venue and it's every month so the actual show is only four hours. The audience has been great for me. My bright, colorful work is exactly what Floridians are looking for, apparently!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the event. If you've ever been to Florida in August, you know it's hot as balls so I chose something that would keep me cool but also something with pants to keep me "warm" in overly air conditioned places. I got this amazing Topshop tropical frond jumpsuit secondhand – for like, $15 at Crossroads last year! Since it hangs a little low in the front, I paired it with a cute Free People bralette. I topped off the look with my all-time favorite pointed toe white mules and some larger than life glitter cactus earrings.

In case you're wondering – the show was a success! I probably won't get back to Indie Flea this year but I aim to be there in early 2020.

Photo credit: Seth Thomas

Shot on my parents' driveway

This outfit:

• Jumpsuit by Topshop, purchased at Crossroads Trading Co

• Earrings by an unknown maker. Found at The End Vintage in Joshua Tree, CA

• Shoes by Bocage of Paris

• Cork crossbody bag (borrowed from my Mom) and found in Santorini, Greece

• Lemon bralette by Free People and purchased at Alice & Wonder Boutique in Chicago