City by the Bay

Aug 29 2017

Seth got me a book of poems and I've really enjoyed reading it so far. I like the author's style. I always thought poems had to rhyme or fit a certain structure, but she writes so loosely, breaking up each sentence to give emphasis when needed and using almost no punctuation. This free form way of communicating is eye opening for me. I've always steered away from poetry, thinking it too complex of a style and too emotionally charged. No more.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the present moment and what's coming in my future. I draw a lot of comparisons in my head, typically while walking down the street or zoning on the bus. I realized that these thoughts are valid, too, and deserve to be out of my head. So I wrote a poem, it is below. It's the first of (hopefully) many.

City by the bay:

You're like me

foggy, hard to see

full of nooks


indescribable to others

even myself.


I only know one side

or two

yet I can't go deeper to know more,


looking at your waters

can't jump in...

staring out my window

through your fog

yet seeing nothing.


You are a city

they say

with microclimates

(but I call them personalities)

of which you have many

that I will never fully know.


I like you best when you are






Hide and seek,

it's a game, you see...

(though most don't).


You're just like me

and that's why

I'm intrigued

even though I couldn't quite


the way you wanted –

though I tried.

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