Hi, my name is Ponnopozz

Feb 23 2018

New logo!

On April 21st of last year, I uploaded my first post as the new me. I'm still working on who this Adrianne is but one thing's for sure – I'm not who I used to be.

Over the last few months, I've taken huge personal leaps. Recognizing that my life was lacking and unfulfilled in San Francisco, I packed up and left to start over in Chicago with no personal career plans. Certifiably insane for someone who dedicated their entire professional life to succeeding at the highest level.

Since leaving, I've felt a creative resurgence, trying everything that came my way – from screen printing on fabric to ceramics to metalsmithing to watercolor and acrylic painting to sketching to fashion design. And it's been great to feel alive in this way!

Therefore, I will be transferring my little slice of the Internet to a new place – P O N N O P O Z Z .

WTF is Ponnopozz? Well...

Ponnopozz is my creative resurgence. It's the new me, packaged up and bundled, ready for the journey ahead. It's a creative journey, a re-kindling of my childhood self, the one that was fearlessly creative and unafraid.

I had a larger than life imagination as a kid. At a very young age, I was gifted two Furskins dolls that I named Ponno and Pozzer. For about a year, they were my best friends. I remember having several such friends that I would talk to and integrate into an imaginary world that I created. And I didn't give a fuck what anyone thought about it. That's what I'm trying to do – get back to 3 year old A's mentality.

Me at age three (note the shirt)

Ponnopozz will come at you in the form of a shiny new blog, currently in development by my wonderful and talented partner. It's a fresh Instagram handle (@ponnopozz) where I'll share my near-daily digital art, my real life tangible art and my fashion endeavors. It's my favorite patterns for sale to the masses on Threadless.

My aim is for the new blog to be up and running one year to the day that I started sharing my life online – April 21, 2018. But, I wanted to introduce you to P-Pozz before then, as I'm all about taking things as they come and "just doing it" instead of waiting for perfection. Perfection is a new blog and identity on a "launch date" but frankly, I'm over launch dates. Consider this a soft launch...LOL.

Me at age thirty two (note the shirt)

I really appreciate y'alls support over the year. Those of you who said you read a post – that means more than you'll ever know. Those who contacted me to say a post made them think differently or act differently or try something new. Those who liked an Instagram outfit post. Those who supported me through and through. Thank you.

Meet Adrianne

Colorful, wild paintings and other art by color lover and maximalist Adrianne Hawthorne.

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