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The Anxiety Series

Nov 06 2018

The first painting of the series, "Imagine a Blue Square"

This series focuses on difficult emotions. Even though I'm 33, my emotional health is stunted. I've never sat long in feelings that I don't like and as a result, I've become avoidant to most all emotions except anger.

Thanks to therapy and self awareness, I'm honing in on the many emotions that I don't like to feel. Instead of pushing them down, I'm painting them for a new body of work I'm calling The Anxiety Series.

This series is a work in progress and will culminate with an art show of sorts early next year. For now, this post will house each painting and will be updated as I go.

"Body Image" // 12x16 acrylic on canvas

"Perfect is the Enemy of Great" // 12x16 acrylic on canvas

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