Moffett original

Mar 22 2019


Moffett is one of 3 large pieces I painted for my Wild World art show in March 2019. She's part of my Silicon Valley Neons series – each piece has pastel fluorescent neons coupled with REAL glitter sections that I glued on myself. Each piece is varnished (matte finish) so the glitter will stay on. Moffett has bright yellows, beaming pinks, cool blues and vibrant greens – a utopia of color! Oh, and how could I forget - LIME GREEN GLITTER!

30" x 40"

1 1/4" deep

Acrylic on canvas + glitter

(SALE PENDING) $350 tax included

Meet Adrianne

Colorful, wild paintings and other art by color lover and maximalist Adrianne Hawthorne.

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