Sep 16 2019


I painted Polly live at the Ravenswood Art Walk. I had the tent to myself and thought it would be fun and interesting for visitors to see the actual process firsthand. It turned out to be a lot of fun! At first, I was nervous painting in front of a crowd but luckily, Polly has been in my head for over a month. I just hadn't carved out the time to paint her, so painting live seemed like the right answer.

Polly features a bubblegum pink background and a plethora of abstract shapes painted in my "Jigsaw Puzzle" style. Some pieces feature a bold cheetah print, while others have a subtle stripe or dashed pattern. The painting continues around all four edges (even the bottom!) and is hand signed in the bottom right hand corner. Polly is sealed with a glossy varnish for protection.

Size is 30" wide by 40" tall and 1.5" deep

Varnished for protection, easy to wipe/clean

Cost is $350 (plus tax and shipping if applicable)

I've shipped a lot of paintings. My cost estimate for Polly (ground shipping) to the West coast, for example, would be between $150-$200.

Meet Adrianne

Colorful, wild paintings and other art by color lover and maximalist Adrianne Hawthorne.

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