100 Paper Ponnos

Jul 18 2019

100 Paper Ponnos, a series of handcrafted collages

This year for my 100 Day Project (more on that, below), I explored the world of collage through minimal shapes and of course, bright colors. I experimented with composition, form, pattern and color to create Matisse-like explorations of plants and abstract shapes – all using paper.

These 100 pieces are now available for sale, yay! To purchase, simply email me the number(s) of the piece(s) you want. I'll verify if they are available and ship them to you if so.


– Hand crafted, signed and numbered

– Location and date of creation is on the back

– Size is 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

– Cost is $30 each or 3 for $75

– Shipping is $5 or FREE with a purchase of 3+ Ponnos


For those who don't know, The 100 Day Project is a worldwide movement where people choose an act of creativity to perform every day for 100 days. It can be literally anything and you can modify the project to fit your needs. Last year, I created 100 small paintings, each with a different, colorful pattern. It was a series of exploration. You see, I'd recently quit my full time job and desperately needed a creative outlet. A small painting per day was an easy way for me to explore the world of acrylic painting – and as a result, I'm the artist I am today.

I think this one is my favorite:

Meet Adrianne

Colorful, wild paintings and other art by color lover and maximalist Adrianne Hawthorne.

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