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Ponnopozz x Lilla Barn

Sep 09 2019

Me and Bergen!

Ponnopozz X Lilla Barn

Meet Peanuts, my fabric design + the craftsmanship and quality of Lilla Barn Clothing! Bergen and I chatted about doing a collab a few months ago. After I'd designed a few fabrics, we took the leap.

This is my first foray into fashion, something I've always wanted to do. When I initally moved back to Chicago from SF, I took a fabric printing class at Lillstreet Art Center, with the goal to ultimately create pieces that look like this. Fast forward two years and my initial vision is finally a reality! Working with Bergen (of Lilla Barn Clothing) is a dream – her pieces are flattering and are made incredibly well. You definitely won't see these pieces falling apart in the wash #Forever21.

Happy customers!

Right now, I have several of our collab pieces at my Chicago shop – tees for kids and tops for women, both long and short sleeved. Want to get your hands on a piece? Send me a note and I can tell you what I have in stock and ship to you if needed!

Want some yardage of Peanuts to make your own piece? Talk to me about a personal use license! I charge $75 for access to my pattern file. After payment is received, I will send you the file and you can print your own fabric via Spoonflower and make yourself a custom shirt, pillow, kids sheets, anything!