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Ponno Tarot

Apr 26 2020

The suit of Pentacles court cards depict the snake plant

Ponno Tarot: A Plant Based Tarot Deck (in progress)

For my 100 Day Project this year, I've decided to design a tarot deck. I've always been fascinated with mystical things and spirituality that is not related to my Catholic upbringing. I've been practicing reading tarot since I was gifted a deck a few years ago by my sister, Kim. The deck I currently use and practice on is The Wild Unknown tarot deck by Kim Krans (highly, highly recommend). I've always wanted to tackle a larger, long term project like this and the upcoming 100 Day Project seemed like the perfect canvas for this goal. I plan to paint gouache pieces representing all 78 tarot cards. Once complete, I plan to photograph the paintings and edit them for use in a real tarot deck! Since there are only 78 cards and the project goes on for 100 days, I will be using the extra 22 days to research manufacturing costs, take high res photos, edit the images and look into funding options. Each day, I shuffle the deck and draw a card at random. I always pick the card that speaks to me. Often, when I turn over my choice, the meaning relates to what I'm going through that day. I'm going to interpret each card using my colorful maximalist style with plants as my subject matter.

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In progress of the Ten of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles, a darker card

The Daughter of Pentacles after a few edits

The Lovers