#11 Anxiety Series Original

Jun 14 2019

#11 - What Would Happen if You Cried in Front of Him?

“It would be the worst thing. I don’t want him to see a side of me that I don’t know.”

My answer to my therapist when asked the question that's the title of this piece

Being vulnerable is a new, terrifying frontier I’ve started to explore in my current relationship. I can’t hide behind anger anymore, he won’t tolerate that. He challenges me to dig deep, to think, to communicate. It’s hard and I’ve got a long way to go. But...I’m learning that I’m safe here. I don’t need a barrier to hide behind even though most of the time, I hide anyway. I’m not ready to be seen. I can’t trust that what he’ll see will be enough.

The piece uses bright colors to symbolize happiness – I truly am happy with him. But, everything is moving in a circular motion, protecting a very fragile center. That fragile center is my vulnerable self. There is a lot to get through.

Available – $125 (+tax and shipping if applicable)

12x16 acrylic on canvas


This painting will never be reproduced as a print so get it while you can!

This piece is part of a larger body of work called the Anxiety Series.