Painting in Joshua Tree

Nov 27 2018

Last week, Seth and I went to Joshua Tree, which is one of my favorite places on the planet. Maybe it's because I'm into all that mystical shit (birth charts, astrology, tarot) but I've always had a fascination with the unknown and damn is that feeling magnified when you're in the American desert. The sky goes on for miles and the craggy mountains always watch from a distance. The stars remind you just how insignificant you are and shit, is it quiet. So quiet. Quiet enough to hear a raven's wings flap or your distant neighbor sneeze.

The thing that draws me to the desert is intrigue and I knew I'd need to paint while visiting. You see, I am a painter of plants. I choose plants because they are generic enough to project my wild world of color and pattern on. I can paint plants without much thought. I tried to paint desert plants while at home but it was tough without actually being there so I ordered a travel easel and prepared to bring this show on the road.

Throwing My Own Art Show

Nov 14 2018

Me with "100 Ponno Patternzz" and "The Makers" | All images courtesy of The Mark Photography

Why did I do this?

For the past year, I've been focusing on making art, something I never thought I'd do. A lot of people close to me know me as a graphic designer and not an artist. I wanted to come out to my friends, family and the world with an event that offered a glimpse into the world of Ponnopozz.

I opted to host the event myself because I wanted total control of the experience and I didn't want to give half my hard earned profits to an art gallery. I'm not knocking this approach – I do believe galleries grant you wonderful exposure and validation – but something didn't feel right about that path for me. This whole art thing has taken me to unexpected places, so why would my first show be normal? Plus, I typically resist authority or traditional approaches so finding a way to do something different felt more authentic.

I thought of the venue while cleaning yoga mats at Corepower in July 2018. I was fretting about moving in with Seth and getting an apartment way before my current lease ended. To me, paying for two apartments over the course of a month was a complete waste of money – until I thought of hosting the art show there. It made total sense – I'd be moved out by 8/15 and had the apartment until 9/30 so it gave me plenty of time to do something.

[for sale] Filomena the Tropical Garden

Nov 09 2018

For sale is an original painting by Ponnopozz:



Acrylic on canvas

$300 (includes tax)

To purchase, contact me via email. From there, we can arrange payment via Venmo, PayPal or in person via credit card or cash. We can also discuss shipping options if needed.

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