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[for sale] Shape Watercolors

Feb 09 2019

Shapes Watercolors

For sale is a series of watercolors I did last year. These are LIMITED EDITION, as I'm likely not going to paint in watercolor again (at least not for a long time).

9 x 12

Watercolor on paper, signed

$20 each or 2 for $30. Buy three, get one FREE!

To purchase, send me an email with the one(s) you'd like based on their position in the below pictures. Shipping is free.

[for sale] The Self Duo

Feb 09 2019

Self I and Self II

Can be sold individually or as a set.

16x20 acrylic on 1.5" thick canvas

$250 for the set or $175 each will all proceeds going to production of the Head to Head documentary.

To purchase, contact me via email. I'll send you an invoice that you can pay online and we'll discuss shipping options if needed.

The Mental Side of SIBO

Feb 06 2019

It's been nearly a year since I've written anything about SIBO. I feel compelled to share what's been going on the last few months because, frankly, it's been a struggle but not for the reasons you'd think. My perfectionist personality is turning SIBO treatment into a mental mindfuck.

For those who don't know, SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It's a treatable digestive issue that occurs when too much bad gut flora lives in the small intestine. It's treated by a) powerful hits of very expensive antibiotics or b) a longer, more holistic process with diet changes, antimicrobials and probiotics. I've been on the second path since January 2018, when I was formally diagnosed.

The diagnosis was a huge relief. I'd been bloated for years, super gassy and had low energy levels. When I learned that what was ailing me had a name, I threw myself fully into treating it. It started with the Candida Diet coupled with herbal antimicrobials or probiotics. The Candida Diet basically is: no sugar, no alcohol (unless its clear like gin or vodka), no gluten, no starchy veggies, and no dairy except Greek yogurt (since it's low in lactose). I stuck to this diet religiously, rarely cheating. That is, until August 2018.

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