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2018: The Year of Creativity

Dec 27 2018

My first real series, July 2018

Last December, my cousin Alexis proposed that we all (myself, my sister Kim, my Granny) come up with a word to represent the upcoming year. At this time last year, I was pretty lost. I had just moved back to Chicago after quitting my full time tech job in SF. I wasn't working or making any money which was unsettling every month when bills were due (even though it was my intent to take several months off). I was spending my days waking up at varying hours, eating bags of Ruffles for lunch and dinner, and taking art classes without a clue as to where it would lead.

My word was "creativity" and I vowed to stick to it, knowing something had to take hold sooner or later. I'd enroll in an art class every semester at Lillstreet, even if it was something I'd normally never do (metalsmithing, anyone?) and I'd try to create something (anything!) every day if possible. Money would be spent on bills, but less on clothes – more on art supplies and classes. My priorities for the year were set.

I went back in time and pulled 1-2 photos to represent creativity for each month of 2018. Wanna go through them? COOL! Let's do it.

Anxiety and Craft Shows

Dec 22 2018

My booth at Make/Sale

I did 5 craft shows this month and I learned a shit-ton in the process. One thing that was rather unexpected was the panic and anxiety that followed every show's setup. I know I have perfectionist tendencies, anxiety and sometimes depression so it wasn't a total surprise but STILL – I didn't expect it to be what it was.

Before I go too far into the feelings bit, I'll cover the logistics of doing this. Damn, it's a lot of work. I'm one of those people who hates to waste time – as a matter of fact, time wasted can send me into a mental spiral. Equating success to art sales turned out to be a depressing equation. I sold a lot of things, sure, but was it enough to cover the amount of time and money I spent getting there? Renting a car, loading it up with chrome gridwalls and boxes of work, driving to said event, parking, unloading, setting up....<waiting>.......<selling, maybe>........breaking down, re-loading the car, driving home, unloading the car, returning the car to rental agency. SHIT.

In the logical, non-artistic side of my brain, NO this is not worth it at all. The cost of the rental car alone throws the budget into the red. But, is this a fair way to look at it? No. Def not.

Painting in Joshua Tree

Nov 27 2018

Last week, Seth and I went to Joshua Tree, which is one of my favorite places on the planet. Maybe it's because I'm into all that mystical shit (birth charts, astrology, tarot) but I've always had a fascination with the unknown and damn is that feeling magnified when you're in the American desert. The sky goes on for miles and the craggy mountains always watch from a distance. The stars remind you just how insignificant you are and shit, is it quiet. So quiet. Quiet enough to hear a raven's wings flap or your distant neighbor sneeze.

The thing that draws me to the desert is intrigue and I knew I'd need to paint while visiting. You see, I am a painter of plants. I choose plants because they are generic enough to project my wild world of color and pattern on. I can paint plants without much thought. I tried to paint desert plants while at home but it was tough without actually being there so I ordered a travel easel and prepared to bring this show on the road.

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