Styling Your Outerwear

Apr 18 2019

Campari Spritz on the patio of Le Petit Fer à Cheval, an adorable little bar dating from 1903

We just came back from a very fulfilling and much needed vacation – to Paris! Since Paris is oh-so-chic, I knew I wanted to look put together at all times. When it came time to pack outerwear, I knew it couldn't be an afterthought. The weather was going to be typically Parisian in temperature (anywhere from 40-65 degrees) but atypically Parisian in precipitation (sunny with no rain predicted!)

One of my secrets to staying stylish is to make sure you have a cool coat. This may sound obvious but here in Chicago, it's easy to fall into the Canada Goose down coat + Sorel boots trap. Which is fine for those Polar Vortex days, but early spring begs for lighter jackets, which gives all of us a chance to go wild and express ourselves.

Spring into Summer Capsule

Mar 30 2019

It's been about six months since completing my first capsule wardrobe and I'm still happy with the system but it's a new season, so time for a refresh! I've acquired more new things than I planned for last time, and it felt like my closet was starting to fill up again.

You know the show Hoarders? How they say that if you don't address the hoarder's core mental issues, the second you clean out their house they'll just fill it back up? That's how I feel about this. I'm still learning who I am and it's reflected each season when I buy a bunch of new things that I don't wear. At the end of the last capsule, I bought things that I felt I needed to round out my closet. Some of those were great purchases that I'm still loving and wearing today (Target BF jeans, hello!) Some of them were not good purchases. Things I thought I "needed" but actually never wore. An example is when I thought I needed more basics and less patterns. I did buy a few basics...guess what, they are in the donate pile right now. I never wore them! I don't think the word "basic" is in (or should have been) in my wardrobe vocab. It's just not me.

Another reason I overshop is Trunk Club. If you don't know, Trunk Club is a service that sends a box of clothing and shoes to your door every 1-3 months. The pieces are all within your budget and you communicate with your assigned stylist beforehand to discuss what you need. Trunk Club has been great for me because 1) I love the element of surprise! It's like Christmas every time I get a trunk and 2) I end up with things that I may not have selected for myself. But lately, #2 hasn't been happening as often. I do have some killer pieces from TC but lately I've been keeping things just so I don't send the Trunk back without taking anything. It feels wrong to not take something – yes that's my Catholic school guilt again. But yeah, I always take something and more often than not, those pieces end up in my donate pile.

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